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Revital Falke
Lives and works at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel
Birth: 19.10.82, Tel Aviv
Single exhibitions:
March 2009: "Hunting Hour" – instillation at Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, curated by Tova Osman
Group exhibitions:

October 2015: "Dolls Art", Jaffa Museum, jaffa. Curator: Limor Margulis
October 2015: 
Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by the Hanina group
September 2015: "Family Paint", Tel Aviv

May 2015: "Topsy Tervy", "Central" in Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv. Curator: Doron Furman
January 2015: Inter/National, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.
April 2014: Topanga Film Institute & Festival, LA
March 2014: "Dolls Art" (taking part in an animation project, screened during the opening). Old Jaffa Museum, curater: Limor Margulis
May 2013: "The zionist art prize* [limited edition]". Curator: Gilad Melzer, The Spaceship  70, Tel Aviv
March 2013: "From Tehran to Tel Aviv, fragmented reflections", Caprice Galley. Curated by Alexandra Lewin
May 2012: Fresh Paint, Tel AViv
December 2011: 2011-2012, Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by the Hanina group.
July 2011: group show arranged by the "Ha'Chalalit" (The Spaceship on Hayarkon 70) in "Ba'it Ba'Namal", Tel Aviv, curated by Yael Caron.
November 2010: 2010- 2011, Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by the Hanina group.
October 2010:"Sleep Paralysis", KG45, Tel aviv, Curators: Noa cecilia Cohen, Uri Grun.
June 2010: "Distance Keeper", Saloona, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Dina Levi and Rivka Kave
April 16,  2010, "10", West Prize 10 winners Group exhibition, West Collection, SEI Gallery, Philadelphia. curated by Paige West.
February 2010: "Summer Sale", P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel,
January: 2010: "Temporary name #2", Kastiel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, curated by Gil Cohen and Nitzan Wolansky.
December 2009:" The Secret Project #4", Auction in Tel Aviv, Israel. Curated by Doron Pollack and sponsored by Bank Leumi.
Novmber 2009: "On the other hand", Lev Hair Herzelia, Israel, curated by Noa Cohen
September 2009: "Home", Apart Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, curated by Rotem Ritov
December 2008: "Secret Art – Artists for Noam Hameiri", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, curated by the students of Minshar art & design school.
October 2008: "Genesis", Artishowk art project, Tel Aviv, Israel, curated by Tamar Moshkovitz

2012- 2014
A scholarship student in the Fellowships program, Alma College for Hebrew culture, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bezalel Art & Design Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

2010   West Prize

Artists Residencies:
Sacatar foundation artist residency program, the island of Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil (October 26 - December 20, 2010)

West Collection, PA, USA
Sacatar foundation collection, California
Private Collections in Israel, USA and Taiwan


Revital Falke